Payment Options


We offer several special programs to help make your electric bill payment process easier on your budget and more convenient for you.

Automatic Payments

You can forget about paying your electric bill if you sign up for a Carroll EMC automatic payment option. It’s safe and convenient. You’ll continue to receive a monthly statement about 12 days prior to the automatic payment.

Bank Draft
Receive up to a $2.50 credit each month when you have the amount of your bill electronically deducted from a checking or savings account on the due date. Sign Up

Debit/Credit Card
Save time by having your bill electronically charged to your MasterCard or Visa credit card each month. Sign Up

Additional Payment Options

Our pay-as-you-go plan lets you pay when you want in the amounts you choose. Learn More

Online Bill Pay
It's secure, convenient and reliable. Sign Up

Sign up to receive your bill electronically each month, rather than getting a paper bill in the mail. Then, make your payment online or via an automatic payment option above. Sign Up

Levelized Billing
With Carroll EMC’s Levelized Billing, your monthly electric bills are totaled for the year and then divided into 12 equal payments, so you’ll know exactly what your electric bill will be each month. To qualify, you must have lived in your current home for at least 12 months, have a traditional (not PrePay) account, have a favorable credit rating and your account must have a zero balance. Sign Up

Pay Site Kiosk
Pay your Carroll EMC bill 24/7 and have the payment posted immediately to your account. Find Locations

Senior Citizen Discount
Customer-members over the age of 62 can receive a discount of up to $2.50 per month. Sign Up