Carroll EMC Celebrates No Lost Time Injuries

Carroll EMC Celebrates No Lost Time Injuries

Despite the inherent dangers of working with electricity, the Carroll Electric Membership Cooperative accepted the No Lost Time Award for the ninth consecutive year from Georgia EMC at its annual meeting in Savannah Monday, Nov. 11.

Today’s electric utility employees, including those with Carroll EMC, work in a much safer environment due to advances in equipment and safety techniques, along with stricter safety regulations and oversight. This has significantly reduced accidents and time away from work for many employees.

For controlling workplace risks and operating 12 consecutive months without an employee injury resulting in time off from work, Carroll EMC is recognized for its achievement.

“It takes real dedication and perseverance on the part of Carroll EMC and every employee to go a year without a lost-time accident,” said Harry Reeves, Georgia EMC’s vice president of Training, Education & Safety. “Due to the nature of our business, it is tough to avoid an injury no matter how many safety practices are in place.”

While protecting the safety of employees and the public is the primary goal of workplace safety and training, Carroll EMC’s stellar safety record also translates into significant savings for the cooperative and its Members. When an injury occurs, the total costs go beyond the medical fees. Indirect costs, such as administrative time dealing with the injury, increases in insurance costs, hiring another employee and even loss of reputation can add up to four times the direct cost of the injury.

“We dedicate significant resources to create and implement extensive safety training and awareness programs with the goal of preventing work-related accidents,” said Carroll EMC’s safety director, Chet Steele. “We’re pleased with the outcome.”

“It is a testament to Carroll EMC, the skill of our linemen and our safety practices which prevented injuries during power recovery efforts and other times throughout the year,” continued Steele. 

Because of these efforts, Carroll EMC was among 13 cooperatives to receive a No Lost Time Award.

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