Carroll EMC Receives Highest Level of Safety Achievement

Carroll EMC Receives Highest Level of Safety Achievement

The Carroll Electric Membership Cooperative recently completed safety achievement through the Rural Electric Safety Achievement Program (RESAP) and received accreditation from the Electric Cooperative Safety Accreditation Program of Georgia (ECSAP). The cooperative was recognized during the annual meeting of Georgia EMC Nov. 11 in Savannah.

The purpose of any safety training program is to prevent accidents and injuries. For the electric utility industry, the potential danger is so great that safety must be more than prevention; it must be a core business principle. For this reason, it is the goal of Carroll EMC to provide a work environment in which the cooperative and employees incur “zero injuries, zero losses.”

Sponsored by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, the RESAP safety achievement is the highest accolade for safety measures in the electric utility industry. In completing the RESAP program, Carroll EMC underwent several evaluations based on a three-year review which included on-site visits and field observations of buildings and facilities, operating equipment and personal protective equipment by a trained team of Georgia EMC safety experts. Carroll EMC also submitted an application that represented a collaborative record of the cooperative’s safety policies and procedures over the past three years. Carroll EMC has been a part of this program since September 1967 and has passed each time.

"Participating in RESAP has helped us focus our safety efforts and promote awareness among employees and Members," said Jerome Johnston, COO for Carroll EMC. "The achievement process provides an unbiased review that helps us stay up to date and dedicated to maintaining our culture of safety."

To receive accreditation from the ECSAP of Georgia, a similar three-year review of the cooperative’s safety record and an on-site inspection are conducted. The record-keeping process ensures the cooperative adheres to regulations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). During the on-site inspection, observers make sure the equipment used by cooperative employees is in compliance with testing protocols; additionally, they determine whether the cooperative is keeping the public safe. Inspectors include personnel from accredited EMCs and the Electric Cooperative Training Center. Since entering the program in 2013, Carroll EMC has received this accreditation.

“This award shows the commitment we make to safety,” said Tommy Cook, Vice President of Operations for Carroll EMC. “We live it, we breathe it, and we practice it day in and day out to better serve our Members and protect our employees.”

Carroll EMC is one of one of 4 EMCs to receive the RESAP achievement and one of 15 EMCs to receive the ESCAP accreditation this year. 

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