Levelized Billing

If you've lived in your current home for at least 12 months, have a traditional (not PrePay) account, have a favorable credit rating and have a zero balance on your account, you may qualify for Levelized Billing. It allows you to pay about the same amount each month -- making it easier to manage your energy budget. Smooth out the budget bumps of high summer and winter electric use by signing up now.

Levelized billing is a rotating average, so there is no settle up month. It will continue to rotate.

  • Carroll EMC takes the average of the previous 12 months to determine the levelized amount. Each month that a new bill comes out, the average is recalculated.
  • If the levelized amount is more than the actual bill, the amount over the billed amount will be put towards the Member's arrears as a credit.
  • If the levelized amount is less than the actual bill, the difference will be added to the Member's arrears balance as an amount owed.
  • As long as the Member is on levelized billing, they do not need to worry about the arrears.
  • The Member's account must have a zero balance and preferably 12 months of history to be put on levelized billing.
  • The Member must pay the levelized amount in full by the due date each month in order to remain on levelized billing.
  • Members on levelized billing should not pay ahead or before their account is billed. This could cause an adverse effect on the monthly balance calculation. Do not pay ahead without notifying Carroll EMC (this includes energy assistance).
  • No arrangements are allowed when a Member is signed up for levelized billing. If an arrangement is needed, the Member must come off of levelized billing, and the total balance must be paid.
  • Once a Member is removed from the levelized billing plan, they can be set back up when they have a zero balance.



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